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STORM ICT successfully completes project Advancement of Kosovo Telemedicine Systems based on Cisco Technology

STORM Group has introduced measures for coronavirus (COVID-19)

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STORM ICT successfully completes project Advancement of Kosovo Telemedicine Systems based on Cisco Technology

The National Telemedicine Center of Kosovo has successfully completed "Advancement of Telemedicine Systems" project which provide high quality communication based on Cisco Technology and greater opportunities in the application of telemedicine in different countries and circumstances has been achieved. This project is funded by SHSKUK - MSH under framework of capital projects and is implemented by the company Storm ICT.


Project was divided in two years of implementation, the first phase of this project was successfully completed in October 2018 where the system for video conferencing and sound system was installed in the amphitheater of the National Telemedicine Center in Prishtina. Also in this phase installation of central infrastructure for the management and storage of video conferencing as well as the integration of the old infrastructure was implemented so that the system continued to function with the old systems until the end of the second phase in order to have all old systems in regional telemedicine centers replaced with new ones.


The mobile video conferencing system has been completed and fully functionalized and can be used either for educational purposes or even broadcasting from various environments such as surgery rooms. The amphitheater is equipped with a video conferencing system with high quality image and audio, monitor and projector provide real-time of local presence,in distance and presentations. Central infrastructure servers are installed and configured in the server room. Also to comply with specifics of the new systems, in cooperation with the Internet service provider and VPN, the necessary network configurations and adaptations have been made.


In the second phase, new and advanced systems were installed in the regional telemedicine centers in the general hospitals in Mitrovica, Peja, Gjakova, Prizren and Gjilan, as well as in the QKMF in Skenderaj. At this stage, the network has been expanded with two new telemedicine centers, the one in the general hospital in Vushtrri and Ferizaj.


Regional telemedicine centers are already equipped with high quality 4K cameras image transmission as well as other equipment such as high quality TV and audio system. The physical installations and configurations are made with a high level of professionalism while preserving the aesthetics of the spaces.


After the completion of installations and configurations, the staff in each center was trained for use, configuration and maintenance of these systems. Depending on future needs, additional training will be provided for the staff of each center. The systems were tested with each point and a stress test was done where over 30 points were connected inside and outside the country and stayed connected for more than 3 hours without showing any problems and overload of central infrastructure or end points.


These devices have already started to be used at full capacity within the national telemedicine network as well as at the international level, offering an exceptional quality and communication experience.


The management of this project is done with a high level of professionalism by the staff of QKTK-SHSKUK with an extraordinary cooperation and support from the implementing company. All devices have a three-year warranty and the company will offer Premium support for the same time period.

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STORM Group has introduced measures for coronavirus (COVID-19)

As a responsible employer and partner, we monitor current situation with coronavirus (COVID - 19) on a day-to-day basis. In entire STORM Group, we have formed a team within the Group's Management Board which based on instructions of health authorities and institutions implements all necessary safety measures related to our work, taking into account health of all of us and ensuring business continuity for all our customers. It is our responsibility to all our employees, partners and customers.

In order to further protect the health of our employees, it was decided to split our employees into teams working from home and teams working in the office.

Employees whose work cannot be done smoothly from home continue to work in their workplaces (at the STORM Group premises and in the field) as we must also take care of our customers and their business needs in these challenging times. For employees who will continue to work in the STORM Group premises and in the field, we have ensured maximum health protection while performing their jobs (enhanced space cleaning, disinfection and other necessary hygiene conditions).

Among the measures we have taken are the delays of all business trips abroad, the limitation of business trips in Croatia, and the strict recommendation to delay all private trips.

Reducing the number of live meetings is also recommended. All STORM Group member companies, as technology companies, have all the infrastructure and tools we need to ensure business continuity and support for all our customers, and we will be there for you every step of the way.

STORM Group has introduced measures for coronavirus (COVID-19)

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In recent months, we have witnessed a strong global hacking effort that is leading to a security risk to the business ICT systems aimed at stealing business data and information.

As part of the global IT system, companies / organizations operating in the Croatian market are also potential targets of such attacks, as evidenced by everyday attacks on Croatian corporations and organizations that have large end-user databases.

From a security point of view, it has been shown that the traditional, pattern-based approach to protecting computers and servers is not adequate to comprehensively protect the business ICT system from increasingly advanced computer attacks. The evolution of attacks has accelerated significantly in all fields (from mass to targeted attacks) and it is precisely the financial viability of such attacks (viewed from the perspective of the attackers) that ensures their further development and increasing complexity.

To effectively prevent malicious attacks on targeted parts of the ICT system, whether on-premises or in the cloud, implementation of a layered and comprehensive cybersecurity model is required.

STORM Computers is the leading Trend Micro partner in Croatia with the largest Trend Micro installation base - for client, server or network protection. Trend Micro solutions are layered and the best on the market in solving the security problems, as evidenced by the independent research companies such as NSS LABS, Forrester research company and Gartner. The experience of our users also confirms this, no matter if users are using Trend Micro solutions to protect client computers, servers, specific network segments / entire network, or using advanced detection technology for unknown or directed attacks by executing files in an isolated environment (sandbox). Trend Micro solutions (grouped into several units) can be seen at the following link.

Considering the complexity (breadth of portfolio) of Trend Micro solutions, we are at your disposal for more detailed information on possible solutions to protect your ICT system.

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Pure Storage named a Leader in IDC MarketScape for All-Flash Arrays!

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