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To enable the continuous development of the market by innovative products and services.
To be the reliable partner of the regional economy with the synergy of cooperation and the exchange of knowledge with the leading global technological companies, with continuous investment in the education of employees and development of innovative information-communication solutions.
Member companies of the STORM Group:
STORM Computers is one of the leading domestic and regional system integrators. Through its partnership relation with the leading world producers of information-communication technologies, it implements, improves and adapts integral communication-technological solutions in accordance with the specific needs of local partners.

SUPRA NET has been recognized on the domestic market as the leader in the field of project engineering and the implementation of passive telecommunication networks and distribution of passive network equipment of leading world producers.

STORM INFORMATIKA is the regional system integrator of information-communication and hotel solutions for leading world producers, with expertise in the implementation of IP telephony solutions, switching & routing technologies, contact centres, intelligent rooms and interactive televisions.

O2 brings together reputable domestic experts from the field of project-engineering, implementation and maintenance of business IT systems. Specially emphasized should be the specialized technologies for television and production houses which are based on solutions of world technology leaders.

PROAXIS is a company with years of experience in the distribution of IT equipment. As a distributor for leading companies in the world, it takes over world class standards in business and communication with customers.

ELEKTRIS is a company specialized in project-engineering, production, implementation and maintenance of electric installations and systems.

RINELS is a company oriented on integrated solutions for emergency work including entire communication, receiving and managing of emergency interventions, GIS location and navigation, recording, analysis and ERP system. Solutions are applicable in emergency medical help, fire brigades, ambulance transport, utilities and distribution system.

DATACOM has a business mission in providing services of dislocated data processing for small and medium sized enterprises. It is specialized for the implementation of business software applications based on open source business model and cloud computing.

DATABOX - Data Center - allows companies the transformation of advanced technologies into companies' business to reduce operation costs and increase productivity, giving a crucial advantage on the market and directly affects the creation of added value.

OPTIMA OSN is a regional system integrator and implementator of communication systems, business solutions and service that allow enterprises to build their business around their customers. The company has formed partnership and alliances with world leading companies and vendors to offer comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of customers.