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Information and communication solutions
The modern and dynamic working environment requires higher liberty in everyday business operations, with the more rational use of information and communication resources. With the introduction of integral information and communication solutions from STORM ICT, business processes are improved and simplified and productivity is many times increased.
Professional services and support
The application of expert knowledge of certified employees of the STORM ICT in rendering professional services and support (project-engineering, consulting, installation, supervision, maintenance and education) ensures to companies the continuity of using implemented ICT systems for achieving planned objectives – simple and effective business operations.
Active and passive network infrastructure
Flexible, modular and innovative infrastructural solutions are the basis of successful business operations and constitute the basis of the information system of each organization. Regardless whether it is a question of large or small companies, active and passive network, infrastructural solutions of STORM ICT improve collaboration within and outside the company and set high safety standards of data protection.

Vertical solutions
Thanks to the comprehensive expertise of the employees, STORM ICT is able to implement specialized solutions for certain business sectors. The hotel industry is an example of a business sector in which specific solutions like project engineering and implementation of integral system of high and low voltage current, intelligent rooms, interactive TV and IPTV provide for effective and flexible integration of various infrastructure into one comprehensive entirety.
Application solutions
The quality of modern business operations and rendering effective responses to the requirements of the market depends today on highly functional application solutions. The integral application solutions of STORM ICT automatize business processes and decrease costs of current business operations, ensuring to companies the creation of new services and the promotion of a relationship with users.